Adorable Prairie Dog in Prairie Dog Town in Oklahoma.

Black-necked Stilt in Flight

This was in a National Wildlife Refuge on the way to Utah. This is a Black-legged Stilt, and they are beautiful birds with very long black beaks, and extremely tall red to pink legs. Just beautiful in flight

DSC_0426 Indigo Bunting
Beautiful Indigo Buntings – They are a gorgeous blue. Just beautiful birds.
DSC_0452 (2) Blue Wonder
Blue Thunder – The name I gave this  Indigo Bunting,
Gorgeous Waterfall Taken in Utah – Water was not to heavy this time of  the year.

ry=400 _Waterfall

Beautiful Scissor-tailed Flycatchers – Beautiful Birds.DSC_0458 Beauty in the Meadow
Scissor-tailed Flycatchers on Branches
ry=400 4  Red Rock Country
Beautiful Red Rock Country – Where the old western movies were made. Southern Utah

ry=400 Rock Formations 2 A restless raccoon searching for food.DSC_0336 Mischievous Eyes

Two swans overlooking the beauty of the National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma.DSC_0226 Watchfull Eyes

The Longhorn Cattle and Buffalo were in The National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma – We stayed an extra day here. Worth a stop. 

  • DSC_0260 Thirsty
    DSC_0420 (2)_edited-1DSC_0421 Cactus RocksGorgeous wildflowers and cactus blooming all over the park.


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