Winter Light (Abstracted Landscapes)

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Winter-Light-and-Shadow10I made the above series of photographs a while ago and had decided that they were pretty much failures. Except.

Except there is something about that luminous winter light and those subtle tones. And perhaps I am reconsidering these images because I recently saw the visually sumptuous movie ‘Mr. Turner’ and these sort of ‘landscape sketches’ have taken on a slightly different meaning. Or perhaps they are still failures, I haven’t quite decided. Either way they are an interesting part of the image making process (for me) so here they are.

Light-and-Shadow-_-GrassesDifferent light on a different day.

[Each one of these images is a ‘drive-by’ photograph, made from the passenger seat of a moving car]

© Karen McRae, 2015

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Small Harbor near Jasper Beach Maine.

Beautiful Fishing Harbor in Maine
Beautiful Fishing Harbor in Maine


On the way back from the sunset and lighthouse by the sponge docks, these boats were lit up added some interesting effects.

Going Home
Going Home
After The Sunset