Soul Salve

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Letters from Afrika

madikwe-10There are moments in life where experiences and places envelope the soul.  It may be as ordinary as sharing a cup of coffee and meaningful conversation  or as extraordinary as standing on the edge of the world.  Whatever it is, these moments are balm for the aches left by the daily grind, and they remind us that all the noise in life is just fluff filling up time and space.  Ultimately, they re-focus us and tune us into the things that matter most.

In 2009, David and I were privileged to visit Botswana and South Africa with a church group in college.  It was during this visit that I fell in love with the beauty of southern Africa.  Its people, culture, and natural splendor captured my heart.

After our time in Botswana, we took a two day safari through the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa.  My group stayed at…

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