FAVORITES                                                                               I have so many favorites, it’ hard to pick one. Of course my grandchildren are Number One. I have four grandchildren, three boys and one girl. They are all very special, and are very dear to my heart. My pets are my next favorite, and I miss the ones that have passed on very much, especially our rescue dog Saurus. Someone had dropped her off and she found her way to our porch and into my heart very deeply. We are now down to one cat, Roanie. She is very special.


My love of Photography started very young, maybe around age eight, I had a Kodak Brownie Camera in black and white, and progressed from there. I always liked to take pictures. I would put them in a scrapbook with captions. I’m afraid that book is falling apart and in very bad disarray. I progressed from there and kept upgrading but was never happy until I got a SLR Camera, first film, then digital, especially the digital when I could take hundreds of pictures.  

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I am retired and photography is my hobby/passion. I take tons of pictures but I especially like wildlife and nature. We took a trip down the coast and were at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. At the time, I was still using film, and was at the tail end of a roll, so I went to finish the roll before the nest show went on. Well, it was Spring, and new born chicks were everywhere, so close at the time you could practically touch them. That was it, I was completely hooked, as I had never seen so many birds nesting at one time. We were in the middle of a natural nesting site. The chicks were so close and so cute, I couldn't wait to upgrade to a digital camera. I spent a lot of time on the boardwalk snapping away. My first camera was actually a Kodak Brownie, and then I progressed up from there. I just love Photography, and I took Scott Kelby's Course (Shoot Like A Pro) . It was a great day.

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